Applies to all guests under the age of 19 that do not have their parent(s) or full-time legal guardian with them while they’re at Top Trails OHV Park.

All riders UNDER 19 years of age who DO NOT HAVE THEIR PARENTS OR FULL-TIME LEGAL GUARDIAN WITH THEM must complete a Notarized Minor Release form. A Notarized Minor Release form must be provided each time you come to ride at Top Trails. ALL of the following steps must be followed exactly, or you will not be permitted access to the park.

  • Print out, fill in, and have the parent or full-time legal guardian of the minor designated on the form sign and have notarized both signature areas on the form.
  • Designate a temporary guardian as indicated on the Durable Power of Attorney Form. This person will be responsible for the minor at all times while on Top Trails premises.
  • On a separate piece of paper, provide a copy of the IDs belonging to each parent or full-time legal guardian that has signed the Minor Release Form, AND a copy of the ID belonging to the designated temporary guardian.
  • Bring all fully executed and notarized documents per the instructions – including this checklist – to the Welcome Center upon your arrival.
  • You must give your original copy of the form and your Checklist to Top Trail staff at the time of check-in. A new one will be required the next time you ride.